RM 240
The RM 240 Water Purification System for high volume, indoor p.o.u. drinking water supply
Business, industry and government find it a challenge to provide ultra-clean drinking water services in high traffic locations because of the sheer volume of bottled water that is required daily or if evaluating R/O services, consideration for both the high level of environmental water waste (from backwashing) as well as capacity planning.
The RM240 was developed for these situations in mind. Suitable for supporting anywhere from 250 to 500 staff per unit, depending upon water volume consumed, the RM240 is self-contained, automatic and designed to work on demand with two taps per unit and ample space to fill up canteens and re-usable bottles.
Installed internally within your building, warehouse or facility, this system is a perfect complement to rainwater tanks and grey water recycling systems as well as mains water supply. Each RM240 produces water equivalent to 91x 18.9 ltr/5 gal plastic bottles per week (or 392 bottles per month).
Most importantly, the daily logistics of ordering, receiving, hosting delivery staff, moving, storing, replacing and then retrieving empty bottles IS ELIMINATED. Of course, the emergency dispenser ‘out of water’ issues are also eliminated. Our clients benefit from the reduction of both management and staff time in these unnecessary tasks
The RM240’s are installed at locations as a Boy Scout camp on an isolated island, making bottled water delivery difficult and expensive, in printing operations where the staff numbers fluctuate dramatically from 400 to over 1,200 depending upon printing runs, within hotel operations supporting up to 5,000 staff working 24x7x365. Anywhere where there is a high traffic, high volume hydration requirement indoors, the RM240 is a perfect solution.
  • Up to 240L of ultra pure water daily
  • Water temperature adjustable from 5C to room temperature (to avoid staff scalding themselves with hot water)
  • Optional external water boiler if required
  • Digital backlit OLED display with optional remote display for convenience
  • Automatic sensor keeps water storage tank filled
  • Automated, on-demand, fully contained floor-standing system
  • Constructed of ruggedized, metal exterior panels delivering long-term durability in non-office locations
  • Single phase electrical connection
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